Daxing – najveći aerodrom NA SVETU! (FOTO) (VIDEO)

Ova godina će u svetskom turizmu biti upamćen po prvim letovima koji su krenuli sa zvanično najvećeg aerodroma na svetu!

Beijing Daxing International Airport by Zaha Hadid Architects. Image © NKCHUDaxing, #beijing #china…

Posted by Amazing Architecture on Четвртак, 26. септембар 2019.

Aerodrom Daxing (Dasing) u Pekingu je zvanično otvoren krajem septembra, uoči proslave jubilarne 70. godišnjice od osnivanja Narodne Republike Kine. Impozantni aerodrom ima četiri piste i procenjuje se da će do 2025. godine kroz njega proći 72 miliona putnika.

Beijing Daxing International Airport by Zaha Hadid Architects. Image © Hufton+CrowDaxing, #beijing #china…

Posted by Amazing Architecture on Четвртак, 26. септембар 2019.

U izgradnju aerodroma Daxing je uloženo 63 milijarde dolara, a njegov autentičan dizajn potpisuje svetski poznata i priznata arhitekta Zaha Hadid. Pogledajte kako izgleda najnoviji i najveći aerodrom na planeti.

Beijings Daxing International Airport

The new Beijing Daxing International Airport is 46km south of the city centre (20 mins by express train).Alleviating congestion at the capital’s existing airport, Beijing Daxing will be a major transport hub for the region with the world’s fastest growing demand for international travel.Initially serving 45 million passengers per year, Beijing Daxing will accommodate 72 million travellers by 2025 and is planned for further expansion to serve 100 million passengers and 4 million tonnes of cargo annually.Beijing Daxing’s 700,000m² passenger terminal includes a ground transportation centre offering direct connections to Beijing, the national high-speed rail network and local train services.Echoing principles within traditional Chinese architecture that organise interconnected spaces around a central courtyard, the design guides all passengers seamlessly through the relevant departure, arrival or transfer zones towards the courtyard at its centre.6 flowing forms within the terminal’s vaulted roof reach to the ground to support the structure and bring natural light within, directing all passengers towards the central court. A network of linear skylights also provide an intuitive system of navigation throughout the building, guiding passengers to and from their departure gates.The compact radial design allows a maximum number of aircraft to be parked directly at the terminal with minimum distances from the centre of the building, providing exceptional convenience for passengers and flexibility in operations.5 aircraft piers radiate from the terminal’s main central court where all passenger services & amenities are located, enabling passengers to walk the comparatively short distances through the airport without the need for automated shuttle trains.Incorporating photovoltaic power generation, centralised heating with waste heat recovery and a composite ground-source heat pump system, the airport implements rainwater collection and a water management network with natural storage, natural permeation and natural purification of up to 2.8 million cubic meters of water in new wetlands, lakes and streams.#Archivil #Architectural #Civil #Interior #Design #Construction #Engineering

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